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Why Choose Childcare Connect?

Discover an unparalleled platform designed to attract families actively seeking your services. Childcare Connect is the ultimate solution to elevate your program’s visibility.

We exclusively feature licensed or regulated childcare programs. With over 20 years of experience serving government and childcare operators, our directory boasts the highest internet search engine rankings, ensuring families find credible and reliable options.

Need to Think About It?​

Let’s address the hesitation. You’ve long contemplated expanding your program’s reach, aiming to attract more families swiftly in the digital age. Childcare Connect is the solution you’ve been seeking – effortlessly increasing your program’s visibility and attracting new families, ensuring your program’s growth.


Yes, countless directories exist, but none match us. Childcare Connect exclusively lists licensed or regulated programs, guaranteeing credibility and trustworthiness. Our track record speaks for itself – unparalleled rankings, ensuring your program stands out prominently, and the highest search engine ranking for regulated childcare in North America!

Starting from Just $4.99 USD a month

Pricing That Supports Your Growth!

Your program’s growth journey starts now! Enjoy the first three months absolutely free! Afterward, it’s just $4.99 USD per month – a nominal investment for unmatched visibility to families seeking quality childcare. Opt-in for the annual prepaid plan and enjoy a 20% discount, accelerating your program’s reach while saving significantly.

OneHSN Childcare Connect™ is the most complete and trusted database for families seeking child care. It allows parents to effortlessly discover and apply to high-quality childcare programs that meet their needs.

Parents can easily:

Seize Your Program's Growth Opportunity Now!

Don’t delay your program’s growth. Join Childcare Connect today and witness your program soar to new heights. Click the button to subscribe and secure your program’s position among the most sought-after childcare options. Embark on this journey with Childcare Connect and witness the transformative impact it brings to your program’s success. Together, let’s attract more families, elevate your program, and secure its growth in the ever-evolving childcare landscape.

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