OneHSN Launches a Complete Digital Experience for Families to Apply for Financial Support to Access Quality Child Care.

Sault Ste Marie, ON – One Human Service Network (OneHSN) has launched an important extension to its easy to use, on-line application for Ontario parents to apply for help with child care fees that now includes the option to submit their required documents electronically reducing the time and effort to get the financial support they need to access high quality child care.

Helping to pay for child care fees is an important financial support managed by Ontario’s Service System Managers at the local municipal level to enable families to return to work or school, search for employment and other job-related activities. Making access easier and faster to this financial support is critical to economic recovery post-COVID19 while also allowing families to engage with government in a complete digital experience.

The option to apply seamlessly for child care and financial supports with digital document submission puts parents in control of the process and reduces the time-consuming paperwork for caseworkers so that they can process applications faster and prioritize those most in need more easily. Child care Providers connected to the OneHSN Childcare ConnectTM platform already receive digital applications to their centres and now have the added benefit of real-time status update when families receive approval of subsidy to get children into care as quickly as possible. Bringing licensed quality child care capacity back on line in a stable manner and getting families into care quickly and efficiently, especially those in need of financial support, will help those that have been impacted by COVID19 as the economy recovers.

“Electronically submitting documents with your online subsidy application is now available in the City of Ottawa and the County of Lambton with early results showing parents are overwhelmingly submitting all their documents with ease thereby providing caseworkers with complete information to get the approval process underway. The service is touchless, available 24/7 to parents from the convenience of their home and provides them with more control over the process” says Kathryn O’Hagan-Todd, VP of Customer Success at OneHSN. “Our partners that have released this new update have been key to us working out how to provide an easy-to-use service for families while reducing the administration burden for caseworkers. We look forward to rolling out this offering to other customers on the OneHSN platform based on these very positive early results” she added.

This second phase builds on the OneHSN Childcare ConnectTM platform and digital experience for parents to access quality child care and includes:

• a mobile-friendly online application

• automation to help caseworkers prioritize applications and manage intake more efficiently by reducing the administration burden of paperwork and document management to get families in need of financial support approved faster

• integration with the Ontario Child Child Care Management System (OCCMS) to reduce duplication in data entry to saving caseworkers value time

• streamlined single point of access for families to apply for child care and financial supports with a complete digital experience that is individualized and customized reducing the need to come into an office during the pandemic.

OneHSN continues to work with its 24 Service System Managed partner communities across Ontario to make digital services more accessible and easier-to-use through the OneHSN Childcare ConnectTM platform and solutions that assist families with access to child care, financial supports, special needs referrals and EarlyON programs in their communities and the agencies that provide the services.

Quick Facts

The OneHSN Childcare Connect Platform has:
Processed over 2,000,000 transactions for child care services with 3,400 child care providers on the platform.
More than 450,000 parents have created accounts to find child care, apply for subsidy or to research child care options as they navigate the complex system of child care.
Processed over 40,000 Fee Subsidy Applications for families in need of financial help to pay for child care.
Managed 85,491 EarlyON Events across 208 locations attending by 42,362 unique children and 36,861 unique adults.

OneHSN’s platform and solutions can be deployed virtually and rapidly. For more information, please contact us at or call 1-800-733-4762 and visit:

About One Human Service Network. One Human Service Network is a leading innovative human services management technology platform and solution suite that helps over 3400 child care providers, family support and referral agencies and EarlyON centres across Ontario to digitally manage applications to child care for families in their community through a single point of access, manage waitlist and communication with parents, self-managed registration and schedule attendance for before-and-after school programs and provide streamlined access to financial supports. The platform provides essential data to government to plan services and inform public investment.

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