In a world of digital solutions, OneHSN is unique!

What Sets Us Apart

What sets us apart is our approach and complete understanding of the landscape of service delivery at the local level so that we deliver individualized and personalize solutions, workflow, methods and tools that work. With our continued support post implementation of any project or technology, we work with your network to support you and your partners to harness the full capacity of services, technologies and importantly, human capacity to improve service delivery with data-driven decision to support your priorities and outcomes.

Digital Transformation & Process Optimization

Our Customer Success team is comprised of highly qualified individuals with extensive experience and subject matter expertise in the early education and child care sector. We have deep knowledge of the business processes, user behaviours and insight gained through many and varied engagements and consultations by being embedded in the communities in which we operate. This allows us to meet your unique needs with business process modernization and digital transformation.


We offer strategic guidance to assist you with engagement in your community, work within your organization to identify high potential opportunities and create the business case for change to enable business process modernization. We will help you build digital solution roadmaps, solution requirements and implementation plans. We help you identify evaluation frameworks, data agendas and reporting to inform decisions with data-driven metrics and outcomes. We continue to support you through implementation providing end user support, community engagement and collaboration to advance best and leading practices that ensure high adoption, easy to use technology and sets your organization and networks to thrive.

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